Plate from the book Looking for M.

About Looking for M.:
Looking for M. catalogues the developments of a nascent nation over the last forty years; the rich tapestry of which is revealed through the juxtaposition of my own work with the texts and pictures of Frits Eisenloeffel who took photos of the Mozambican Revolution just before its independence in 1975. Although capitalism reigns supreme, the revolutionary ideology is still discernible in the streetscape through murals, statues and street names. 

Looking for M. deals with the tangible memories of the revolution, but also shows how this history seemingly effortlessly merges with the present situation of this nation through the minds of two journalists, revolutionaries, immigrants and Mozambique’s citizens.  

Photographs: Ben Krewinkel and Frits Eisenloeffel
Publisher: f0.23 publishing (2014)
ISBN: 9789081840217
Size: 145 mm x 190 mm portrait


: Tatami white 200 gm2
Cover: 2 x 2 page cover onto Tatami white 200 gm2
Inside: 72 pages onto Tatami white 135 gm2
Booklet: 12 pages


Info on the 3 editions

Regular edition (#132-750) -

Paperback numbered edition

Special edition (#31-131) - €25
Paperback signed and numbered edition with unique C-print (13x18cm). This copy comes with 1 out of 100 various, numbered photographs with handwritten caption (some of which don't appear in the book). 
only some copies left

Limited edition (#1-30) - SOLD OUT
The first 30 numbered books are reserved for a limited edition, consisting of a signed and numbered digital C-print (approx. 20x30cm) of a photograph made during the journey in 2013 (which can be chosen by the buyer out of 10 photographs, which each will be sold in an edition of only 3 prints). Both book and print both come in a cardboard box.
Please send me an email or use to contact form for more info so I can
take requests for specific prints.


Packing and shipping:
the Netherlands


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